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Project Description
IIS Usage Report is a good starting point for people wanting to build simple reports on the usage of their Intranet web applications. It integrates with Windows Active Directory to display specific user and department information.

The project consists of three main components:
  • Manager: an ASP.NET web application to configure the different applications to track
  • Runner: a command line utility that can be scheduled to update the database on a regular basis
  • Reports: a Microsoft Reporting Services report to display the database information in a friendly manner

This application uses Microsoft Log Parser to import the required data from the IIS logs into a SQL Server database.

Project Requirements
  • A SQL Server database
  • Microsoft Log Parser 2.2
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • BusyBoxDotNet (used in the web application)

Report Overview

This project was created by KTMG Consulting Inc.

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